Fire Agate International

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company information
Fire Agate International is a one man home-based operation. Its owner, Bob Beaudry, specializes in the acquisition and development of high-end gem-grade fire agate carvings, cabochones and jewelry for sale and trade.

Bob is a highly skilled reader of rough fire agate, much of which he "windows" personally on a backyard diamond wet saw. His stones are produced from old rough acquired over many years in the trade, and he continues his purchasing through a variety of sources. Bob also owns six claims in the extensive One Track Deer Creek Mining system which should provide a steady supply of rough for years to come.

To date Bob has invested more time and money in fire agate promotion and development than any individual or company in the world. Of particular note is Bob's collection of gem-grade fire agate carvings - many of which are featured here. This collection is representative of Joe Intili's finest work to date.


Bob Beaudry c/o
Fire Agate International
P.O. Box 32140
Tucson, Arizona  85751