Fire Agate InternationalHistorical perspective from Mr. Bob Beaudry, headquartered in Tucson, Arizona.  Gem quality Fire Agate has been found only in parts of California, Arizona ,and  Mexico, and within the last sixty years, making it the rarest and newest multicolored gemstone in the world.  Gem quality Fire Agate is by far more rare than diamonds, emeralds or rubies.  Legend has it among some people who love Fire Agate, that it possesses a "special energy" that can be felt when the stone is worn or held in the hand. is the world's premier distributor of rare and precious fire agate gemstones and gem-grade fire agate carvings. Over the past 25 years, millions of dollars have been invested mining, collecting, and cutting the finest gem-grade fire agates in existence.

The rarest multi-colored gemstones on earth, true gem-grade fire agate contains every color of the spectrum in a blazing panorama of hypnotic tones, textures and patterns. These breathtakingly beautiful, enigmatic stones, coveted by collectors and gemstone dealers the world over, simply cannot be found on the commercial market. In fact, they are so rare, the average enthusiast, accustomed to seeing typical brown fire agate commonly found in rock shops across the country, cannot even identify these gem-quality stones as fire agate. The typical response? "Wow, these are incredible! What are they?" Due to the limits of raw ore and cutting expertise, this collection could possibly never be duplicated again.

In conjunction with master stonecutter Joe Intilli, is currently in the process of photographing its exclusive "Museum Collection" of fine stones. These exquisite one-of-a-kind gemstones and carvings should be on-line and available for public viewing early in 2003. The photographic plates reproduced here are just a small preview of what will soon be coming to

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For more information or to discuss the available for-sale inventory, please call at 520-749-5500; FAX 520-760-0398 or e-mail at Minimum purchase is $1,500.00. Presentation and showings, for earnest collectors or licensed gem dealers, are by appointment only. Currently, we do not have a catalog available and our Museum Collection is presently not available for sale.

Thank you for your interest in and please check back to view more of this extraordinary collection available only at

    This is but a small preview of what is to come[the finest gem quality fire agate in the world]


Fire Agate International